Even sex can be a boring activity for couples who stick to the same old styles. However, you can spice up your sex life by incorporating different positions. Stimulation can be achieved at different angles, and here are some positions to try out!

Enhanced Missionary Position

The missionary has always been perceived to be old fashioned and boring. However, there are some twists to it that can make this style great for men of all penis sizes. It bears the most stimulating features women love (deep penetration) and men get full view of the woman. To enhance the position, you should deviate from the normal set up. Instead of your partner opening their legs, keep them together while you bend her over. The enhanced pressure from the legs together is amazing for both of you!

Lying Face Down

You can add spice to your sex by lying her face down. To have better penetration, the woman should be able to lift her butt slightly above the surface. She doesn’t have to spread her legs. The guy should then come on top and penetrate her vagina from the back. However, this may not be the best position for guys with an average dick size. They may have a problem penetrating especially if the woman has a big ass. The fact that the legs will be closed increase friction and stimulates the woman’s vaginal walls much better.


The sitting position always gets the women to want more of you. This is a position that’s gentle and restful. A woman will never get enough of you in this position since the thrusting is not as vigorous as in other positions. However, this is great if you want things to last a little bit longer.

The woman can ride you for as long as she wants and rest if she must. You can also participate in the thrusting by using your butt muscles to create the movement. This position is equally great because you can kiss and cuddle as you rest. You can also easily change to a different position.

The Table

There is always a thrill in taking sex to a different location other than the bed. Having her sit on a table or a counter with her thighs wide apart will give you full access to her vagina. This position works for all dick sizes. To make this position feel great, ensure the table she sits on is of the same height as your waist. You shouldn’t have to stretch or bend down to hit it. You get a great angle to rub her clit and offer deeper penetration.

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