I met my beautiful wife five years ago; she is the prettiest than everyone else. She has this alluring beauty that makes you fall in love with her. She has a good personality that won’t ever make you regret. Well, I never thought that love exists, after all, I have been through, I have given up on that belief. Its hard when you have a broken family, you never knew who to trust, and everyone doesn’t give a damn.

I have asked many times why my dad left us, but she keeps mum about it and change topic. I was four years old at that time, and according to my sibling, my mom won’t allow us to talk about him anymore. It is painful because I have to accept it without knowing the fact. I have seen many families, complete and happy, wishing that it’s our family too. I haven’t experienced family bonding, nor having fun with them. My mom has no time for us; she is loaded with lots of work. We don’t even talk a day. Whenever I had a problem I keep it myself.

Spend many sleepless nights crying and hope to die. My siblings are a rebel, he went to a party at night and went home drunk. He doesn’t care about me, and to my mom too. I know that he is visiting dad to ask for money, but I never bother to ask him, or he gets annoyed by me. I grow up lonely and sad. And met my neighbor Ciarra, she is also my classmates. We become a best friend and know every secret of each. We trust each other and don’t make lies. She is the only person I am comfortable with, and when I am with her, I am on myself. I don’t need to pretend or make someone want me.

And just here, it’s enough for me. We are together for years and fall in love with her. I thought she feels the same, but she ignores my feelings. She has not told me about her boyfriend and started to distance myself. I have a hard time now to trust anybody, and so focus myself on studying. After graduation, I went to Bethnal Green, London to look for work. Over the years of staying, I met Marry; she is stunning and kind. She taught me how to live again and be happy with my life. She shows me that real love exists. I settle down with Bethnal Green Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/bethnal-green-escorts. She made my life complete and worth to live. She is beautiful and kind. And to marry her is a good choice.