One of my friends from another London escort service told me that she had started to go on cruises for a bit of fun. I thought that cruises were mainly for old people but to be honest, they are for everybody. Since I first started about two years ago, I have been on three cruises and had a great time. To be honest, you are never lonely when you are on a cruise, and I think that it makes the ideal holiday away from Knightsbridge escorts of

Can you pick up guys on cruises? Of course you can pick up guys on cruises and I have actually done pretty well. So far, I have met some really hot single guys on cruise lines and I have always had a really great time if you know what I mean. Some of them tend to be a bit older, but they are not really that different from guys that I date at Knightsbridge escorts. What I really like about the guys on cruises is that they like to look after you, and I always get all of my favorite drinks paid for.

How do you pick up guys on a cruise? It is really not that difficult to pick up a guy on a cruise. When I first started to cruise on my time away from Knightsbridge escorts I sort of checked things out. I quickly noticed that a lot of the single guys hang out in places like the casinos. If you have some experience of picking out single guys, you can spot them a mile away. They are the ones hanging around all of the slot machines nursing a drink and anxiously looking around themselves. To chat them up is really easy, and most of the time it just takes a smile. After that, I normally say that I have never been able to figure out slot machines.

Once you have started to chat to one of them, they normally offer you a drink. If I find the man attractive, I am more than happy to accept a drink from him, but if I don’t find him nice, I just ditch him discreetly. Yes, it helps having experience working for Knightsbridge escorts. To be honest, I must admit that I can kind of get a kick out of picking up guys on cruises. Most of them are pretty well off and if you play it right, they like to treat you to all sorts of things. I have come away with some nice bling for keeping a guy company on cruise.

When I get off the cruise, I find that some guys like to keep in touch. Fortunately for me, most of the guys that I have met on cruises do not live in London so I get way with telling them that I have a really busy job in London. I am not so sure how they would feel if they found out that they had spent a cruise with a girl from Knightsbridge escorts. Perhaps some of them would be charmed and happy that they have been able to enjoy the companionship of a hot and sexy companion from Knightsbridge escorts for a cruise.